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Our Vision

To be the Body of Christ: the hands and feet, eyes and heart of loving action in this world, connected by love to each other and to God.


Hello and welcome to Cayuga Pastoral Charge!  We are a Charge made up of two Churches, Mount Olivet and Cayuga United. 

If you have moved and are looking for a Church home, are wondering what Church is all about or are looking for a new place to worship we would love to see you.

We strive to make all welcome.  At Cayuga United you are invited to get a coffee to bring in with you for service, and both Churches have social time after service so you can get to know us.

As the minister here, I strive to preach each Sunday with one goal, that being that the message be relatable to our lives today, not just a history lesson.  If I can send you home knowing that you can use the message of the day in your life, and I have helped make the Bible relatable to our lives today, I am happy.

If you look at the Calendar of events you will see we are busy both in the church and with outreach. We truly believe that we come to Church to learn and refuel for our real mission which is to reach out beyond our doors.

I invite you to come give us a try.  If you are looking for a caring, compassionate and welcoming Church family, you have come to the right place!!

Wendy Lowden, DLM