Who We Are

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Our Vision

To be the Body of Christ: the hands and feet, eyes and heart of loving action in this world, connected by love to each other and to God.

Mission and Values

To know Christ and make Him known


Gather and Glorify: Community of Faith
Provide a caring community: We build loving, authentic relationship together & explore and deepen our understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to be a Christian

Provide Christian worship: We honour and uphold a variety of styles of worship, encouraging and equipping individuals to celebrate God’s presence, giving thanks and praise to God in all we do

Give hearts and Grow: Growing in Faith
Accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour: We seek to imitate Him in all our relationships and activities

Grow in a relationship with Jesus: We change lives by discovering our God-given abilities through prayer, discipleship, and embodying loving acts of service

Give and Go: Sharing Faith
Serve the church and the wider community: We offer our spiritual gifts and financial resources to passionately serve God in the pursuit of kingdom goals

Sharing God’s love story: We invite and inspire others to embrace a growing relationship with Jesus

What We Believe

We believe Jesus is the center and meaning of life, revealing the nature and character of God to the world. We believe the church belongs to Jesus; we believe that God is at work through the church, moving toward a sane and stable world. We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired record of humanity’s authentic spiritual experiences with God, and the primary authority in matters of faith and practice. We believe Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience are all part of determining our church’s direction and values. We believe God’s Holy Spirit is available and active in our world, our church and our lives, leading us in unity and propelling us with divine power. We believe Jesus Christ can bring real change in the human heart through grace and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We believe each Christ follower has spiritual gifts that give true meaning to living and strengthen our shared ministry. We accept an openness in theological belief, acknowledging different points of view within the same community of believers. We believe faith and good works belong together, as a personal relationship with God leads to involvement in Christian service and witness to the world. We believe that the church is not a building, but a group of God’s people doing their best to serve and worship Him, and to be examples of His love in our community and the world.